Novel transcript reconstruction from ION Torrent sequencing reads

Sponsor: Life Technologies Corporation
Amount: $30,000
PI: Ion I. Mandoiu
Period: 07/2012–12/2012


Massively parallel whole transcriptome sequencing, commonly referred to as RNA-Seq, has become the technology of choice for performing gene expression profiling. However, reconstruction of full-length novel transcripts from RNA-Seq data remains challenging due to the short read length delivered by most existing sequencing technologies. ION Torrent has a competitive advantage for this application due to the longer reads it generates, however, tools for novel transcript reconstruction from ION Torrent reads are yet to be developed. The goal of this project between researchers at Life Technologies, University of Connecticut, and Georgia State University is to develop scalable algorithms for novel transcript reconstruction and quantitation of both known and novel transcripts from ION Torrent sequencing reads.



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