Student Union Oct 2009
    "Therefore, O Arjuna, surrendering all your works unto Me, with full knowledge of Me, without desires for profit, with no claims to proprietorship, and free from lethargy, fight."
        -- The Gita    (Karmayoga).

I am a graduate student in Computer Science & Engineering at UCONN Working under Dr.Sanguthevar Rajasekaran . I Work in Applied Algorithms Lab.

My research interests include Algorithm Design,Complexity,Combinatorial Optimization,Computational Geometry and Applied Algorithms for VLSI Design Automation and BioInformatics. This is kind of a static page visit my Blog for a more dynamic side of mine. Also you might find some of my open-source (Launchpad) and (Sourceforge) projects, useful to you.


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Refereed Conference Proceedings

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