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New Users: Load your targets file and (optional) non targets file in fasta format in the corresponding boxes and click on the design primers button.
New Users: Load your primers summary file in the primers file box and click on the design primers button.
Optionally, if you want to be notified as soon as the process is done, write at the end an email address where you want the results to be sent.
Read the documentation for further information.
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Targets file(Max 128M) Sample
Non Targets file(Max 128M) Sample
Primers file(Max 128M) Sample
Min Primer Length Max Primer Length
Min Product Length Max Product Length
Forward Primer (5'-3') Reverse Primer (5'-3')
Range of positions for forward primers
Begin: End:
Range of positions for reverse primers
Begin: End:
Targets Mask (3'-5') Non Targets Mask (3'-5')
Degeneracy Mask (3'-5') Number of Source Sequences
Minimum Targets Coverage (%) Maximum Non Targets Coverage (%)
Max self score Max end score
Min GC Content Max GC Content
GC Clamp Max Poly-X
Primer concentration (M) Template Concentration (M)
Salt Concentration (M) Salt Correction Method
Targets Min Melting Temp (C) Targets Max Melting Temp (C)
Non Targets Max Melting Temp (C) Non Targets Delta Melting Temp (C)
Max Pair Tm Diff (C)
Primers Label Full stats
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